Dell Computer Lab

Dell Computer Lab Information

This Lab is available for reservation requests for classes in grades K-8.
Lab Location:
Media Center Room 1026 B

Dell Lab Request Procedure

Log-on to your Catto admin website
  • Use the following link to access the website -->
  • After you log-in to the website, click on the Reserve Facilities link on the left
  • Select the facility you would like to reserve
  • Complete the reservation request form in its entirety
  • You will be notified via e-mail of the status for your request

Computer Numbers

The computer stations are numbered with #1-25 in the lab. Use the Computer Lab -Sign-In Sheet located in a binder on the teacher’s desk. Use this form to keep a record where your students sit in the lab (You may print a copy of the Computer Lab Sign-In Sheet (see attachment below) prior to taking your class to the lab and insert it in the binder). This form must be filled out for every lab visit. For accountability, it is advised that you have your students sit at the same computer during every visit.

Proper Use and Care

If you encounter technical issues, DO NOT leave the problem for the next teacher to address.
  • Students should inspect their stations at the beginning of use and immediately report any concerns
  • Report damages or issues to Mrs. Fawkes or any tech "HRTS" via e-mail, put a post-it note on the desktop with a brief description of the problem and the date the problem was reported
  • Enter it on School Dude as soon as time permits. Be sure to include the desktop number in your entry
Lab Rules

The computer lab is not to be scheduled for use by a substitute in your absence.
It is not appropriate to schedule use of the computer lab as a free-time activity.
Please be sure to sign in and out in the Dell computer Lab Book located on the desk when using the lab.

Students are to Log-on with their username and password only
· Chewing gum, food, or drinks are not allowed in the computer lab or anywhere near a computer
· Respect the equipment. Do not remove or disconnect parts, cables, or labels
· Internet use is limited to teacher assigned activities or classwork
· Do not download or install any programs, games, or music (This is against our Acceptable Use Policy)
· The lab should not be used for free-time social activites
· Do not personalize the computer settings (This includes desktop, screen saver, etc.)
· Only allow students to print with permission - Teachers should check student's work prior to allowing them to print!
· Personal student CD-ROM's, flash drives, or other multimedia equipment cannot be used in the computers
End of Use

Erase and Clean the white board
Be sure to
have students Log-off and return the computer to the ready position for the next clas
Students should be reminded to gather all of their belongings, clean their areas and push in their chairs

Please do not leave the lab until all stations have been returned to the ready position and have been inspected by the classroom teacher.

EVERYONE has to assume responsibility for maintaining the cleanliness and order of this computer lab.
Please document any discrepancies you encounter on the sheet in the binder. See school leadership personnel for any imperative matters that need addressing immediately.

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